Mark McCoy
VOORHEES at a VFW hall in the Chicago suburbs, Summer ‘97
Matt Summers of SHARK ATTACK playing probably the best set I’ve ever seen. Within 5 minutes the band did three originals, covered “Chunks,” got in multiple fights between members (the bassist took his guitar off and swung it at Matt’s face, the drummer kicked his crash stand into Matt which sliced open his leg), and concluded by breaking up on stage. Bard College, Annendale-on-Hudson, NY, Spring ‘01
Ryan Martin of York Factory Complaint and Dais Records with Ellsworth Kelly at the Yale University Art Gallery.
At the Heldenplatz, Vienna, ‘04. Photo by A. Aspinwall.
Cali Thornhill DeWitt at home in Los Angeles, 5/23/05
Hand-drawn UNIFORM logo for their 12” on the emerging NYC label, Beggar’s Tomb.
THREEONEG Promo photo, ca. ‘98
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